I work with straight, gay, married and unmarried couples in therapy.I am also available for pre-marital counseling My approach to couples therapy encompasses a number of things:

  • Providing a safe space in which to explore and share difficult feelings with each other
  • Identifying current stressors and triggers and working to resolve impasses.
  • Facilitating better communication by enhancing listening and expressive skills
  • Exploring individual and family histories to better understand the roots of the couple's dynamics

In my work with couples I integrate a psychodynamic and developmental understanding with elements of , Emotionally Focused Therapy Collaborative Couples Therapy. and Imago Therapy. I also have a sub-specialty in working with couples with ADHD.  Please see my Video page to hear me talk about my work with couples. 

If you are struggling with a relationship problem, I invite you to read the following article by Dan Wile, founder of Collaborative Couples Therapy. I hope you find it helpful.

"Opening Up a Second Level in the Relationship"

I was recently interviewed for some on-line articles on Couples' Counseling. Here are the links, I hope you enjoy them.

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